• Institut Pasteur

The Institut Pasteur, a foundation for research and public health, enjoys an independent status and harbors research laboratories, technological platforms, a teaching centre and a medical centre on its campus in the heart of Paris. The international network of the Institut Pasteur currently counts 30 members spread over the five continents.

The Institut Pasteur is a shareholder of AXENIS since July 2013. AXENIS is currently hosted on the Paris campus of the Institut Pasteur.



BIOASTER conducts independent and collaborative interdisciplinary R&D activities on the frontier between basic and industrial development to ensure optimal alignment between research and innovation in the fields of infection diseases and microbiology and expand our understanding of intestinal microbiota and its impact on health.

BIOASTER and AXENIS are partners in the management of the animal models platform for infectious diseases, which is setup within the immuno-phenotyping platform of BIOASTER in Paris (France).