Highlight AXENIS / CIPHE partnership: integrated know-how

Innovative murine models applied to                infectiology and immuno-oncology: humanized mice

The October the 4th 2017, the Inserm’s infrastructure division highlighted the activities of the Center for Immunophenomics (CIPHE, a joint Inserm service unit with CNRS and Aix-Marseille UMS 12 University, (Phenomin) based in Marseille and headed by Bernard Malissen and the AXENIS-spin off services company of Institut Pasteur and expert in the development of humanized murine models for preclinical trials in immunology and oncology headed by Erwan Corcuff. In the presence of the Director General of INSERM Yves Lévy, the partnership between CIPHE and AXENIS was officially signed.

The integrated know-how resulting from the AXENIS-CIPHE partnership makes it possible to extensively characterize the immune system of such mice and to use this knowledge in the development of effective vaccines, pathogenic drugs and human tumors.

The scientific community is invited to clarify their specific needs for preclinical models on the measurement of human diseases in the areas of inflammation, infection, immuno-oncology and immunization, as well as their functional exploration including the use of humanized murine models highly predictive of human responses. This partnership will contribute to advances in immunotherapy in the field of public and private research.