About us

AXENIS is a service company using humanized mice as preclinical models in immunology, for the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology companies and academic research.

AXENIS uses a number of new immunocompromised mouse strains, which are particularly permissive to human tissue xenograft transplantation. The company is specialized in the generation of « Human Immune System » (HIS) mice, based on the engraftment of immunocompromised mice with human blood cells (leukocytes and hematopoietic progenitors).

The resulting HIS mice carry components of the human immune system and represent a revolutionary tool for the development and validation of innovative human medicine (drugs; monoclonal antibodies; prophylactic or therapeutic vaccines; immunomodulatory molecules; adjuvants). Applications for HIS mice cover a wide range of areas, such as infectious diseases, oncology, hematopoiesis or vaccinology, from the most early R&D to preclinical safety/efficacy stages.

Performing screening on components of the human immune system in an in vivo context is likely to yield results that will more reliably predict human responses as compared to those obtained using “standard” rodent models. The preclinical platforms provided by AXENIS also permit to answer the unmet need for better predictors of early toxicology, to exclude drugs with complications related to immunosuppression or inhibition of hematopoiesis.