Forefront models

AXENIS proposes a portfolio of immunodeficient mice based on its BRGS™ mouse model. As a contract research organization, AXENIS generates ‘ready-made’ BRGS™ mice humanized for the immune system and performs R&D studies for its academic and private customers in such models. With AXENIS experts, we can help you define your precise humanized mouse model requirements that will fit your specific science-driven fundamental research questions, preclinical studies and/or industrial applications.

Leading results

BRGS™ mouse models are available and already in use for studies in fields such as immunology, inflammation, vaccine & drug screening, physiopathology of infectious diseases, stem cell transplantation, gene therapy, oncology and drug development – from the most early R&D to preclinical safety/efficacy development stages. Performing screening on components of the human immune system in an in vivo context can yield results that will more reliably predict human responses, as compared to those obtained using “standard” rodent models.

News & events

News & events

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